The Bible as Picture-Book

The Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament and the New newly translated out of the original tongues

London: John Baskett, 1724. In-quarto

STROZIER, Special Collections Vault -- BS185 1724.L6.

Pages displayed: plate between f. c2v and c3.  Joseph and Potiphar’s wife (Gen. 39)


In 1709, John Baskett purchased the exclusive royal patent to print King James Bibles in the United Kingdom, control of which his family retained until 1799.  The patent, as was the case since 1611, covered only the text of the Bible. Illustrations were thus published apart, in suites of designs engraved by artists such as John Sturt (1658-1730), who also illustrated the Book of Common Prayer, in 1713, or James Cole in 1724. They were then added to the text by booksellers or owners.