Bishop's Bible

The. Holie. bible

London: Richard Jugge, 1568. In-folio.

STC (2nd ed.) / 2099. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 125
STROZIER, Special Collections Vault (double oversize) -- BS1751568. Carothers p. 5

Pages displayed: vol. II f. II. Portrait of William Cecil (1520-1598), Secretary of State to Elizabeth I, in initial letter B of Psalm 1, his left hand holding a book of Psalms with Hebrew letters, his motto COR VNVM/VIA VNA on the capitals of the side columns. Engraving attributed to Franciscus Hogenberg (c.1540-c.1590).


First edition of the revision of the Great Bible by a commission of bishops and scholars under the direction of Archbishop Matthew Parker (1504-1575). Between 1568 and 1633, long after the publication of the KJV in 1611, it had 38 editions: 18 complete, 19 of the New Testament, 1 of the Gospels.

It was the most lavishly illustrated of the large format Bibles, with 127 narrative woodcuts copied mostly from the German illustrator Virgil Solis, and 3 engravings attributed to Franciscus Hogenberg, one of the first engravers active in England.