Geneva Bible 1560

The Bible and Holy Scriptures

Geneva: Rouland Hall, 1560. In-quarto

STC (2nd ed.) / 2093. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 107.  Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 107.

STROZIER, Special Collections Vault -- BS1701560.  Carothers p. 3

Pages displayed: after the title page of the New Testament map of the coast from Gaza to Sidon. With New Testament places marked, copied from a French Bible published also in Geneva the previous year: N. Barbier and T. Courteau, 1559.


The Geneva translation, which became the household Bible of Elizabethan England, was translated and printed by Marian exiles in Geneva who followed the model of contemporary French Calvinist Bibles: in-quarto format, numbered verse divisions, historical tables, explanatory pictures, plans and maps. All these visual aids, as the numerous theological notes, were aimed at a better understanding of the “darke” places of the text.