Matthew Who?

The Byble, that is to say, al the Holy Scripture conteined in the Olde & New Testament faythfully set furth according to y coppy of Thomas Mathewes

London: John Day, 1551. In-folioSTC (2nd ed.) / 2088. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 93
STROZIER, Special Collections Vault (oversize) -- BS1521551. Carothers p. 2Pages displayed:   New Testament f. xxvii v. Metal cut of Saint Luke first published in Historiarum veteris instrumenti et Apocalypsis icones ad vivum expressae Paris: F. Regnault, 1538.


Little is known about the reviser of this version, Edmund Becke (active 1550-1551) who was ordained as deacon by the bishop of London Nicholas Ridley (1500-1550) in 1551.  Becke reproduced most of the notes from the “Thomas Matthew” version – a pseudonym of John Rogers (1500-1555) -, first published in Antwerp in 1537, but the text is mainly the one published in 1539 by Richard Taverner (1501-1575), a lawyer and Hellenist who was a lay preacher during Edward VI’s reign.