Latin Vulgate 1491

Biblia integra summate distincta…

Basel: Johann Froben, 1491. In-octavo

HC 3107. GW 4269 

STROZIER, Special Collections Vault -- BS751491. Carothers p. 36

Pages displayed: 16th c. binding of stamped pigskin over wooden boards with Annunciation and the initials MC EPS


Johann Froben (d. 1527) who became a friend and printer of Erasmus (1466-1536), and the publisher of the first New Testament in Greek in 1516, started his career at his own press in Basel in 1491 with the first small-format printed edition of the Latin Vulgate, comparable to the 13th c. Parisian manuscript ones that had flooded the biblical market until the 15th c. The text is based on the “Fontibus ex Graecis” edition, which corrected the Vulgate with readings from the Hebrew and Greek, first printed in Basel in 1479.

The Carothers copy came from the Bibliotheca Winhagiana of the mid-17th-century Austrian aristocrat Johann Joachim Entzmüller (1600–1678), Freiherr von und zu Windhag. It was constructed c.1650-73 in Schloβ Windhag near Linz and was among the largest libraries in Austria.