First In-Quarto Cambridge Bible

The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New newly translated out of the original tongues 

Cambridge: Thomas and John Buck, 1630. In-4°

STC (2nd ed.) / 2293. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 432

STROZIER, Special Collections Vault -- BS185 1630.C35 .

Pages displayed: Title-page of the New Testament engraved by John Payn


A folio edition of the KJV was published in 1629, in an anonymously corrected version, and reproduced in black-letter and Roman type in quarto editions in 1630.

The Strozier copy is bound with the Book of Common Prayer and the Sternhold-Hopkins Psalms, also printed in Cambridge by Thomas and John Buck in 1630.

Anglican Liturgies
First In-Quarto Cambridge Bible