Geneva Bible 1583

The Bible and Holy Scripture

London: Christopher Barker, 1583. In-quarto

STC (2nd ed.) /2136. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 178.

STROZIER, Special Collections Vault (double oversize) -- BS1701583. Carothers p. 6

Pages displayed: f. 3-4. Certain questions and answers concerning the doctrine of predestination. True to the Calvinian doctrine of double predestination the “vessels of wrath ordained unto destruction” are opposed to the “vessels of mercie prepared for glory.”


Geneva Bibles were printed in England from 1575 to 1616 when Robert Barker, whose family had held the right to print it in England, concentrated on the publication of the King James Version. Before the text proper a catechism of 23 questions and answers presented an abridged view of John Calvin’s doctrine on Predestination.