Catholic Bible in English

The New Testament of Iesus Christ faithfully translated into English

Antwerp: Daniel Vervliet, 1600. In-quarto

STC(2nd ed.) /2898. Darlow & Moule (Rev. 1968), 258STROZIER, Special Collections Vault -- BS20801600  


Pages displayed: p. 414-415. Under Elizabeth I the question of the loyalty of English Catholics towards God ordained “higher powers” in Roman 13 was a burning one.

Second edition of the Rheims version, for clandestine distribution in England, with the addition of “certaine places of the Nevv Testament corrvptly translated in favovr of heresies of these dayes" in previous Protestant translations. Antwerp was a major center of English Catholic publications as it had been a center of production for books that were banned in England since the very beginning of the sixteenth century.